What is memory

As we know that , we human beings have our brain , which works as a memory for us , we can remember things easily because of our brain.

Usually C.P.U known as the brain of the computer system , so if a computer have a brain then it must have a memory to store the data / information in different – different forms. Because a computer system needs to store data of various types.


What is Computer memory?

Computer memory is nothing more than a hardware device , which used to store data into a computer system. It is a important and essential part of a computer system , memory helps computer to store the data / information temporarily or permanently.



Performance of a computer system is totally depends on the CPU and MEMORY , if a computer system have good configuration with memory and CPU then the performance of that system will be Good.


Types of Computer memory.

There are three types of computer memories are available.

  1. Primary memory (Volatile).
  2. Secondary memory (Non – Volatile).
  3. Cache memory.

Primary memory.

Primary memory is used to hold the data / information of current work temporarily, RAM (Random Access Memory) works as a primary memory in a computer system. Primary memory have a limited size and it works slow as compare to register. It stores data temporarily , means after the termination of a process / task it clears it self for new tasks. It don`t have capability to store data in it self for long time , if the power is gone off on the time of working then the data of primary memory will be totally loss that is why it is also known as volatile memory. Performance of a system is depends upon the primary memory (RAM).

what is memory


Secondary memory.

Secondary memory is used to store data permanently or long time basis , when we save our data after work the data will store in secondary memory from the primary memory. Secondary memory is very cheap as compare to primary memory and it is slow in work , it is directly accessed by the processor (CPU).

what is memorywhat is memory


Cache memory.

The term “Cache” is derived from french which mean “hidden” the things which are not visible Cache memory is very expensive ,it works as a buffer between CPU and main memory . It helps to increase the speed of data access.

cache memory