What is data

What is data?

Data is a very important part of computer system , the word Data comes from it`s singular form “Datum” which means a fact , fact about people , place or some other entities. Within a computer system a data is nothing more than the set of Special characters (binary 0 and 1). In computer a data can be found in different – different types with different – different extensions , which notify the type of data. We can also say that in programming language the values assign to the variables in known as Data.



Gaurav is 20 year old.
He loves to program.
He is pursuing BCA.


Now let`s make some variables to assign the above data. Let “Name” , “Age” , “Hobby” , “Class” be the variables for store the Data.


Name = Gaurav
Age = 20
Hobby = Programming
Class = BCA


In above example , “Name” , “Age” , “Hobby” , “Class” are the variables and “Gaurav” , “20”, “Programming” , “BCA” is data assign to the variables respectively.