What is computer

What is computer?

A computer is an electronic machine , designed to make human life easy. The word computer comes from a Latin word “computare” which means to calculate.

Computer just follow the instructions given by the user , computer can`t do anything by it`s own. It contains different – different type of set of instructions to perform the input / output tasks.

The first computer designed on the time of world war – 2 , was known as ENIAC. It used the vacuum tubes and it is very large in size like a room.


How computer works.

The work of computer is totally depends on the person who gives the input to the computer. Computer perform the tasks according the user input.

Let`s see what computer do for fulfill the instructions.

  • Takes input from the user with the help of input devices.
  • Verify the input.
  • Complete the input task.
  • Give the output.