How to show wordpress post on its own page

How do i add wordpress post on it`s own page?

Are you worrying about showing your wordpress post on it`s own page?  it`s very easy.

There are some bloggers who find difficulties in posting their post on it`s own page and didn`t get any working or good solution of this problem.

That`s why  in this tutorial i am going to show you that how to do that in very easy steps. As we know that there are so many plugins are available on wordpress that makes our work a lot easier, there is a very good plugin is available by which we can solve our problem known as content view you download it from here.

This plugin is specially created for this problem, now let`s start with content view.

Step 1 –

Very first click on above link or goto add plugin section from your wordpress and install content view. After successful installation you will able to see your plugin on sidebar menu.


content view

Step 2 –

Now click on content view and open it, now it will looks like-


display wordpress page on its own page

Simply give the name, i suggest you to give name of you category whose post you want to show.

Step 3 –

Now you can see an option of limit on this plugin this option by default is set on 10, but i suggest you to set it as blank just remove the 10 by pressing backspace twice, or else you will only able to see only 10 posts on your page, which you don`t really like.


display post on it`s own page on wordpress


Step 4 –

Now next click on Taxonomy (Categories, Tags…) and select category after that choose a category according to yourself and click on save.


display wordpress post on it`s own page

Step 5 –

This is the last and final step, after doing all the thing when you click on save, then a new view will be create that will generate a short code.

wordpress post on it`s own page


Now just copy this link , and simply past it on your post page, and save your page, that`s it now go and refresh your page, your posts will now show on their respective pages.