Introduction to C++

C++ is a general purpose language, Developed in the year of 1979 by Bajarne Stroustrup an employee of AT&T bell laboratories. C++ supports all the concepts of object oriented and procedural programming. It is a combination of high level and low level language, C++ is derived from C language. We can also create program in C++ without using the concept of object oriented programming.

Concept of Object Oriented Programming.

C++ supports all the concepts of object oriented programming language Like :

  • Object.
  • Class.
  • Encapsulation.
  • Abstraction.
  • Inheritance.
  • Polymorphism.


Object is a very important part of object oriented programming , an object is a real world entity , in terms of programming we can say that an object is a stance of a class . We can`t access the member data and member function of a class without creating it`s object.


<h2 “>Class.

A class is a blue print which contains member data and member functions , it is a user defined data type because a class is always defined by user.



Encapsulation is a way of binding member data and member functions in a single unit.



Abstraction is a way of hiding the background details from the users and provides the only useful features.



Inheritance is a way of using the properties of a class into another class.



Polymorphism is a way of using the same thing again and again but for different – different purpose. Like – function overloading.