Java programs

In this section of you can find some very important programs of java.

Java program to find the factorial of numbers

To finding the factorial of a number in java , we need three variables first variable is for getting the number from the users, second variable is for loop , [...]

Java program to check prime number

In this program of java , we are going to take number from the user and then we will check that given number is prime or not. import java.util.Scanner; class [...]

Java program to check area of circle

For finding the area of circle first we create a variable and initialize that variable with the value of PI and then we take a variable named r for getting the [...]

Java program to check Palindrome number

Palindrome numbers are those numbers whose reverse is same as real number , means if you read a number by it`s reverse order then you got the same number [...]

Java program to check Armstrong number

An Armstrong number is an n-digit number that is equal to the sum of nth powers of it`s digit. 371 = [3*3*3] + [7*7*7] + [1*1*1] = 27 + 343 + 1 = [...]