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VB.Net progress bar control

Visual Basic.Net progress bar control. Progress bar is one of the most important control of vb.net, this control is used to show loading or remaining [...]

Simple calculator using php script

Simple calculator using php script. In this tutorial of php script, we are going to create a very basic and simple calculator by using php [...]

Interface in C#

C# interface. Interface is special kind of thing in C# that is used to contain signatures of methods, interface is just like abstract classes, it can not be [...]

What is memory

As we know that , we human beings have our brain , which works as a memory for us , we can remember things easily because of our brain. Usually C.P.U known [...]

What is computer

What is computer? A computer is an electronic machine , designed to make human life easy. The word computer comes from a Latin word "computare" which means to [...]

What is data

What is data? Data is a very important part of computer system , the word Data comes from it`s singular form "Datum" which means a fact , fact about people , [...]

C++ file handling

What is file handling? In C++ file handling is a very important topic , file handling provides us the facility of saving our data into secondary [...]

Create new mysql database using php

Creating new mysql database with php script. In this tutorial we are going to create a new database with php script. Query. For creating new mysql database [...]

Update mysql table data in php

Update mysql table`s data with php script. In this tutorial of php we are going to update the data of existing table. Query. For update mysql data we use [...]

Deleting data from table in php mysql

Deleting mysql tables data with php script. In this tutorial of php we are going to delete data from table , for deleting data from an existing table of mysql [...]