Here you can find some very important and fundamental topics of computer system.

What is memory

As we know that , we human beings have our brain , which works as a memory for us , we can remember things easily because of our brain. Usually C.P.U known [...]

ISP internet service provider

What is ISP? ISP stands for internet service provider. An internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that provides us the access to the [...]

What is ip address

IP address. When ever we connect our system /device to the internet , internet provides an unique number for our device , this number is known as IP address , [...]


ARPANET stands for "Advance research project agency network" , it is the first package switching network / internet developed by ARPA (advance research project [...]

What is computer

What is computer? A computer is an electronic machine , designed to make human life easy. The word computer comes from a Latin word "computare" which means to [...]

What is data

What is data? Data is a very important part of computer system , the word Data comes from it`s singular form "Datum" which means a fact , fact about people , [...]