C++ is one of the most widely used computer programming language , that used to write operating system and other softwares

Introduction to C++

C++ is a general purpose language, Developed in the year of 1979 by Bajarne Stroustrup an employee of AT&T bell laboratories. C++ supports all the concepts [...]

History of C++

C++ was developed in the year of 1979 at AT&T bell labs by Bajarne stroustrup an employee of AT&T bell labs. Before thinking about c++ Stroustrup [...]

Features of C++

C++ is an object oriented programming language which is very simple and fast and easy to learn. C++ is very popular with programmers.   Features. [...]

cin and cout in C++

in this tutorial are going to learn two very important and useful function of C++ first is cin and second is cout , they both are most commonly used functions [...]

C++ comments

If you want to become a C++ programmer , comments will make your life easier. That will not helpful only for you but for anyone that may attempt to read your [...]

C++ preprocessor

Preprocessors is one of the main facility provided by the programming languages. It is a fundamental and important part of programming which is very easy to [...]

Structure of C++

In this tutorial we are going to learn about the structure of C++ program. Structure represent the way of organizing the things in our [...]

C++ first program

In this tutorial we are going to make our first C++ program , which will simply print "Hello world!" on the output screen of our C++ compiler. Then we will [...]

Variables in C++

What is variable? A variable is just a user defined name for store the value / data , every variable should have a data type which represent the type of data [...]

Datatypes in C++

What is data type? In programming language every variable has a data type which describes the range of possible values that may be stored in the variable , [...]